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Birds/Pets Brooder with Heater

Birds/Pets Brooder with Heater

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* High Quality Material: The brood box(48×30×32cm) is made of high temperature resistant board, which has strong bearing capacity, is very suitable for newly born baby birds, chicks ducks, kittens puppies.

* Unique Design: The brooding box is designed with strip-shaped ventilation holes on three sides, which can form air convection, not sultry in summer, and the top can be opened and closed to check the daily life of the chicks at any time.

* Adjustable Temperature: You can adjust the size of the heat preservation lamp through the stepless knob to control the temperature of the brood box from 0 to 30 degrees.

* Two Lamps: The sun lamp is used to add sunlight to the chicks, and the ceramic heating lamp is used to keep the chicks warm while sleeping.


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